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This repository contains gPodder hook scripts which I use for myself. Please feel free to fork or use this repository for your own purpose.

** ATTENTION ** This repository is no longer being developed. Please use our new repository at

gPodder hooks infrastructure (recommended way)

What are hooks in gPodder?

Hooks are python scripts loaded by gPodder at runtime. Each script must define a class named "gPodderHooks", otherwise it will be ignored.

How to configure

You could copy or link the scripts in this repository to ~/.config/gpodder/hooks/ and everything should work fine.

For gPodder "tres" (3.x branch), you need to place them in $GPODDER_HOME/Hooks/ (where $GPODDER_HOME defaults to ~/gPodder/ if you have not set it manually)

How to create my own hook script?

See example documentation at

In the "tres" branch, the example is in examples/

Hooks list


Automatically open .torrent files with a BitTorrent client.


Rename downloaded episodes based on their episode title in the feed.


Split mp3 files in ranges of 10 minutes when the files are copied to the device.



Resets the etag and last modified information for a podcast. This could be necessary if the server lies about the last modified state. This will cause gPodder to reload (and re-parse) the feed every time


No requirements


This hook scripts removes coverart from all downloaded ogg files. The reason for this script is that my media player (MEIZU SL6) could not handle ogg files with included coverart.



This script converts any mp4 videos to play on a Sansa Fuze with rockbox installed


  • python-kaa-metadata


    Kaa Metadata is a Media Meta Data retrieval framework. It retrieves metadata from mp3, ogg, avi, jpg, tiff and other file formats. Among others it thereby parses ID3v2, ID3v1, EXIF, IPTC and Vorbis data into an object oriented struture.

  • python-dbus

    simple interprocess messaging system (Python interface)

  • ffmpeg


    Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder


This hook script adds episode title and podcast title to the audio file The episode title is written into the title tag The podcast title is written into the album tag



"Tin Foil Hat Show" is a podcast produced by CafeNinja.

There is one special thing in this show. The show notes are hide in the FRONT_COVER image which is included in the mp3 file. This is the only place where you can find the show notes. So you have to run a few commands until you are able to read the notes.

This is the reason why I created some hooks to get this show notes automatically after I downloaded an episode with gPodder (

This github repository includes two options to configure your gPodder installation with this feature.



The $subj podcast rss does not contain id and pubdate. Because of the missing guid gPodder reports always "no new episodes" for the podcast. This hook script fixes this. The pubdate can be calculated from the audio file url and I used the same number as guid.


This hook shows a new feature of the gPodder "tres" branch - you can now add items to the episode list context menu. Each item needs to have a label and a callable that will take a list of selected episodes. This script shows you how to implement a "Enqueue in VLC" context menu item using hooks.

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