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Converts a restricted subset of Python into Visual Basic for Applications.
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Python to VBA Code Converter

py2vba converts a sub-set of Python into VBA code suitable for use as macros within Excel applications.

It was written for a competition that forced competitors to use VBA without additional add-ins or COM objects.


py2vba handles a variety of Python constructs. The following Python code is converted to a collection of VBA modules:

from py2vba.convert import vbmeta
from py2vba.vbast import String, Integer, Collection

class Person(object):
    @vbmeta(name=String, age=Integer)
    def __init__(self, name, age): = name
        self.age = age

class Company(object):
    def __init__(self, employees):
        self.employees = employees

def test():
    c = Company([
            Person("James", 27),
            Person("Bob", 22)
    return c.employees[1].name


Public Function test() As String
    Dim c As Company
    Set c = Company_ctor_(NewCollection(Person_ctor_("James", 27), Person_ctor_("Bob", 22)))
    test = c.employees(1 + 1).name
End Function

Private Function NewCollection(ParamArray params() As Variant) As Collection
    Dim p As Variant

    Set NewCollection = New Collection
    For Each p In params
        NewCollection.Add p
    Next p
End Function

Private Function NewDictionary(ParamArray params() As Variant) As Dictionary
    Dim k, v As Variant
    Dim i As Integer

    Debug.Assert (UBound(params) + 1) Mod 2 = 0
    Set NewDictionary = New Dictionary
    For i = LBound(params) To UBound(params) Step 2
        NewDictionary.Add params(i), params(i + 1)
    Next i
End Function


Public Function Person_ctor_(name As String, age As Integer) As Person
    Set Person_ctor_ = New Person
    Person_ctor_.init__ name, age
End Function
Public Function Company_ctor_(employees As Collection) As Company
    Set Company_ctor_ = New Company
    Company_ctor_.init__ employees
End Function


Public age as Integer
Public name as String
Public Function init__(name As String, age As Integer) As Variant = name
    Me.age = age
End Function


Public employees as Collection
Public Function init__(employees As Collection) As Variant
    Set Me.employees = employees
End Function
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