Embed Python in LaTeX
VimL Shell


Note: By default LaTeX and its variants disallowing calling of arbitrary shell commands. python.sty requires unrestricted to the shell in order to execute embedded Python scripts. When running python.sty you must execute latex or pdftex with either the -enable-write18 or -shell-escape command line argument to enabled access to the Python executable.

python.sty and associated scripts

Discussion and examples at http://pycurious.org/2011/12/the-ultimate-python-latex-environment/

Compiles example.tex into example.pdf using rubber. Requires the shell-escape branch of rubber (https://code.launchpad.net/~brotchie/rubber/shell-escape)
Example usage of python.sty.
A Vim syntax highlighting file to correctly highlight python embedded in LaTeX documents.
A LaTeX package that allows direct embedding of python scripts in LaTeX documents.