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CLIProxy: use the newly created NSURL for the workingDirectory

NSURL's don't play nice with NSDistantObject, use the newly created NSURL instead of the NSDistantObject proxy.

This fixes problems with rev specifiers created using the gitx tool crashing GitX the second time they are viewed because the NSConnection to the tool has been closed.
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1 parent 4a9abd2 commit dc56af4aa683e11c975ecb1febfec873216d8b34 @brotherbard committed Feb 26, 2010
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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ - (BOOL)openRepository:(NSURL*)repositoryPath arguments: (NSArray*) args error:(
[document.windowController showCommitView:self];
else {
PBGitRevSpecifier* rev = [[PBGitRevSpecifier alloc] initWithParameters:arguments];
- rev.workingDirectory = repositoryPath;
+ rev.workingDirectory = url;
document.currentBranch = [document addBranch: rev];
[document.windowController showHistoryView:self];

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