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Commits on Mar 14, 2010
  1. Update the GUI to be more iApp like

        - In PBGitSidebarView.xib
            - change indentation to 12
            - change font size to 11
            - disable the editable behavior
            - disable autoresizing
            - disable user resizing (column should resize with view)
            - remove the window
            - remove the shared user defaults controller (not being used)
        - add a project item with the project's name
        - a "Stage" item to go to what has been called the commit view
        - new icons for branches, remote branches and tags (created by Nathan Kinsinger)
        - remove the old tiff icons, PBSourceViewRemote.h/m and PBSourceViewAction.h/m from the xcode project
        - uses system icon for folder
        - uses Network icon for remotes
        - capitalize group names
        - rename the Custom group to Other (you can't really customize items in the traditional sense)
        - create a class for each item type that takes care of it's image (instead of trying to guess the image from it or it's parent's name)
        - remove the branch menu toolbar item from the history view, it's redundant now
Commits on Sep 10, 2009
  1. @pieter

    Sidebar: Add "Commit" action

    pieter authored
    When this tree leaf is selected, the view switches
    to the commit view.
  2. @pieter

    SideBar: Add ViewAction and ViewRemote objects

    pieter authored
    These two new classes can represent items in our SourceList
    that refer to specific actions (such as comitting), or
    specific Remotes.
  3. @pieter

    Sidebar: hook up branch switching

    pieter authored
    This is far from perfect, but at least you can
    use it to navigate the stuff a bit now :)
  4. @pieter

    Sidebar: display a custom icon

    pieter authored
    These are based on a contribution by Vincent Esche,
    but we'll probably have to change them a bit.
  5. @pieter

    SideBar: Add branches as children

    pieter authored
    This makes a nice tree, which should be more
    readable than the existing list. The local
    branches are expanded by default.
  6. @pieter

    Sidebar: populate with branches

    pieter authored
    This is far from perfect, but should indicate
    which direction this is going in
Commits on Sep 9, 2009
  1. @pieter

    Add start of a sourceview list

    pieter authored
    This shows in a separate window for now, so we don't
    mess up the xibs. Once I'm satisfied with the result,
    I can put it into the main view with a single change :)
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