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Emacs frontend to python package manager pip
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This package is an Emacs frontend for the Python package manager pip. As pippel also uses tabulated-list-mode, it provides a similiar package menu like package-list-packages.


To use it call M-x pippel-list-packages.

Shortcuts for pippel-package-menu-mode buffers:

  • m pippel-menu-mark-unmark remove mark
  • d pippel-menu-mark-delete mark for deletion
  • U pippel-menu-mark-all-upgrades mark all upgradable
  • u pippel-menu-mark-upgrade mark for upgrade
  • r pippel-list-packages refresh package list
  • i pippel-install-package prompt user for packages
  • x pippel-menu-execute perform marked package menu actions
  • RET pippel-menu-visit-homepage follow link


The package can be installed from MELPA.

(require 'pippel)
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