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Manage Password with OVH API
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Manage Password with OVH API. Use OVH Password plugin to change your password directly inside Roundcube

The plugin is known to be working with Roundcube version 1.0 to ...


  • Change password without old password check


  • OVH API library


  1. Add in the root composer.json file, in the require section
"require": {
"php": ">=5.4.0",
"pear/pear-core-minimal": "~1.10.1",
"...": "...",
"ovh/ovh": "dev-master"

and launch the update with

composer update
  1. Install the code in the drivers plugin directory and name it exactly ovh.php (roundcube/plugins/password/drivers/ovh.php)
  2. Add the plugin name "password" in the plugins array of the config file (config/ formely It must match the name of the directory used in #1.
$config['plugins'] = array(...,'password');
$config['plugins'] = [
  1. Go to Define the name, description, validity and credentials of your application and take the information provided on the registration document after clicking the [Create Token] button, and fill in your configuration file.
Credentials :
GET /emails/domain/*
POST /email/domain/*
  1. Set your API keys in config/
$config['ovh_application_key'] = '%MddoeEXAMPLE*$eà@er';
$config['ovh_application_secret'] = 'TrucKL54?_dopsd%%';
$config['ovh_endpoint'] = 'ovh-eu';	// choose your provider between ovh-eu ot ovh-ca
$config['ovh_consumer_key'] = 'SecretK3YP^^P';
  1. Put in the plugins/password/ file ( formely
$config['password_driver'] = 'ovh';
$config['password_confirm_current'] = false;
$config['password_minimum_length'] = 9;
  1. Test your installation. You're done!


GPL2 see LICENCE file



Thierry Brouard - TBPRO Organization

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