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Marcel, the french Docker - Marcel, le docker français

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Marcel is a french wrapper around the docker CLI, intended as a drop-in replacement of docker, for the future french sovereign operating system.


  • docker runmarcel chauffe
  • docker imagesmarcel cederoms
  • docker loginmarcel vos-papiers
  • docker logsmarcel bûches
  • docker pausemarcel rtt
  • docker suspendmarcel grève
  • docker tagmarcel graffiti
  • docker rmimarcel rsa


Obviously, the Dockerfile name is not sovereign enough for us. That's why instead of Dockerfiles, marcel uses RecetteÀMarcel files. For now, they use the exact same syntax as Dockerfile, but we'll see about that.

For it to work, you just need to include a RecetteÀMarcel file in the current directory where you execute your marcel construis command, are you're good to go.


First of all, thanks for even considering contributing to the splendor of the French tech industry. You'll need to install the dev dependencies in your virtualenv:

$ pip install -r requirements/dev.txt

Then, create a branch from master and commit your feature (and tests please :). You can test that everything works correctly by running the tox command. When all tests are green, push your feature, and create a pull request. Thats it!

How is marcel related to the french OS ?

This project aims at providing an acceptable technology background on which the Great OS (not firewall) of France could be based on. Take a look at the official document to see how compliant and willingfull to help we are, already developing the technologies for the OS of tomorrow, just like RedStar OS is. Help us make the World better by destroying non-compliant operating systems, e.g. thoses who includes encryption without backdoors.


The original idea came of @ndeloof's mind. The logo was provided by jkneb.

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