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brovador committed Jul 20, 2015
1 parent 0d5c428 commit 6b1652a22cd1a0eb02da2f44e7fdf52e8f7eb1e9
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  2. +0 −1 tools/requirements.txt
  3. BIN tools/rle
  4. BIN tools/unrle
@@ -12,11 +12,13 @@ clean:
@rm -fv game.o
@rm -fv ../build/game.nes
@rm -fv crt0.o
@rm -fv level.h

crt0.o: crt0.s
ca65 crt0.s

%.o: %.c
python ../tools/ level.nam level.h
cc65 -Oi $< --add-source
ca65 $*.s
rm $*.s

This file was deleted.

BIN -8.69 KB tools/rle
Binary file not shown.
BIN -8.73 KB tools/unrle
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