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Gameboy emulator made in unity and C#
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Unity Gameboy Emulator written in C#.

Current version: 0.1


  • First working version
  • Debugger and vram viewer tools included
  • Compatible with following games:
    • Tetris
    • Super Mario Land
    • The Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening
    • Mega man
  • Compatible with Zal0's ZGB or GBDK compiled games:

Next version: 0.2


  • Implement sound chip

Known issues & next steps

  • Pass all Blargg's tests
  • Improve framerate
  • Support for more cartdrige types
  • Gameboy color support
  • Improve debug tools
  • Fix found errors in games:
    • Super Mario Land: pause window glitches
    • Dr. Mario: screen overflow
    • Alleway: input problems

Blargg's tests status:

  • Roms used: Link
  • Tests passed:
    • cpu_instrs
  • Pending tests:
    • dmg_sound
    • instr_timing
    • interrupt_time
    • mem_timing-2
    • mem_timing
    • oam_bug

Documentation and references used:



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