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You would like to be a feeder? Nothing simpler than that!

Requirements to submit

  1. A github account
  2. Basic markdown skills and of course
  3. A good proposal ;)

Step by step how to submit

  1. Find an active slot which suits your agenda
  2. Click on Submit for this slot button
  3. Enter your proposal with Markdown
  4. Send the pull request
  5. Make noise in the community to promote your PR

Note: The PRs get merged approximately one week before the slot date. This should give you enough time for preparation.


  • The session should be no longer than thirty minutes plus fifteen minutes for Q&A
  • Session proposals should be related to information technology, the tech industry or topics around it like
  • Soft skills
  • Remote working
  • ...
  • We don't accept any kind of harassing content. Be sure to read our Code of Conduct