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Improve error reporting for failed proto file translation.

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commit 2e5aa996e2b9db6b02276c45607cb8f258f99b58 1 parent 341cc6c
@brown authored
Showing with 18 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +18 −7 protobuf.asd
25 protobuf.asd
@@ -153,6 +153,15 @@ to PARENT-PATH."
(resolve-relative-pathname path parent-path))
+(define-condition protobuf-compile-failed (compile-failed)
+ ((shell-command :reader shell-command
+ :initarg :shell-command))
+ (:report (lambda (condition stream)
+ (format stream "~@<Error while invoking ~A on ~A. Failed shell command: ~S~@:>"
+ (error-operation condition) (error-component condition)
+ (shell-command condition))))
+ (:documentation "Condition signalled when translating a .proto file into Lisp code fails."))
;; TODO(brown): This before method would not be needed if PROTO-TO-LISP were a subclass of
;; COMPILE-OP. Should we make that change?
@@ -168,14 +177,16 @@ to PARENT-PATH."
;; that method instead of executing (component-pathname component).
(output-file (first (output-files operation component)))
(search-path (cons (directory-namestring source-file) (resolve-search-path component)))
- (status (run-shell-command "~A --plugin=~A --proto_path=~{~A~^:~} --lisp_out=~A ~A"
- (namestring *protoc*)
- (namestring *protoc-gen-lisp*)
- search-path
- (directory-namestring output-file)
- source-file-argument)))
+ (command (format nil "~A --plugin=~A --proto_path=~{~A~^:~} --lisp_out=~A ~A"
+ (namestring *protoc*)
+ (namestring *protoc-gen-lisp*)
+ search-path
+ (directory-namestring output-file)
+ source-file-argument))
+ (status (run-shell-command command)))
(unless (zerop status)
- (error 'compile-failed :component component :operation operation))))
+ (error 'protobuf-compile-failed
+ :component component :operation operation :shell-command command))))
(defmethod asdf::component-self-dependencies :around ((op load-op) (c protobuf-source-file))
"Removes PROTO-TO-LISP operations from self dependencies. Otherwise, the Lisp
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