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A game I wrote in Java back in high school
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Andrew Brown © 2003 (or so)

See the demo at

In one of my High School CS classes, we learned Java. One of the programs I made in my spare time was this two player Beam Wars game.

The game is simple, and resembles the Tron light-bike game. Two players maneuver their beams across the field. Touching the walls left by the beam will result in a point for the other player, and the field resets. Here, the board edges wrap around, leading to some interesting mechanics and more confusing gameplay.

Keep in mind this was around 11th grade I made this. The code is poor, I'm sure. All things considered, I'm impressed with myself and proud of this creation.

The AI for this game I was especially proud of. The smart AI is actually good enough to be fun to play against, in my opinion. Until you figure out its weaknesses, it even presents a challenge! =)

I have no plans on cleaning up the code, adding features, or making any changes at all at this point. I've uploaded it to Github to preserve it as it was, and to easily show it to people.

This game was modeled after the classic Mac game of the same name by Steve Crutchfield. It was one of my favorite games from that era. My version lacks some of the features from Crutchfield's version: boundary walls that slowly contract, 4 players support, points that accumulate for time spent alive, and sound effects. I think the boundary wrapping (which wasn't in the original) is an interesting change that I decided to put in, despite being a departure from the original's mechanics.

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