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fixed pull request event format

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1 parent 6377d16 commit 82fbb298917fa1b8e27de15361c9fd3c19718e79 Andrew Brown committed with overviewer Oct 3, 2012
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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
'IssueCommentEvent' : "{actor[login]} commented on issue #{payload[issue][number]}: \"{payload[issue][title]}\" on {repo[name]}: \"{payload[comment][body]}\" {payload[issue][html_url]}",
'IssuesEvent' : "{actor[login]} {payload[action]} issue #{payload[issue][number]}: \"{payload[issue][title]}\" on {repo[name]} {payload[issue][html_url]}",
- 'PullRequestEvent' : "{actor[login]} {payload[action]} pull request {payload[issue][number]}: \"{payload[issue][title]}\" on {repo[name]} {payload[issue][html_url]}",
+ 'PullRequestEvent' : "{actor[login]} {payload[action]} pull request {payload[pull_request][number]}: \"{payload[pull_request][title]}\" on {repo[name]} {payload[pull_request][html_url]}",
'SinglePushEvent' : "{actor[login]} pushed 1 commit to {payload[ref]} at {repo[name]}: \"{payload[message]}\" {payload[url]}",
'PushEvent' : "{actor[login]} pushed {payload[size]} commits to {payload[ref]} at {repo[name]} {payload[url]}",
'CreateEvent' : "{actor[login]} created {payload[ref_type]} {payload[ref]} at {repo[name]}",

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