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@ractivejs @miradorfin @hackoregon @tinycreative @Jobs-Economy @animatedjs @text-mask
Dan Abramov gaearon

Co-authored Redux, Create React App, React Hot Loader, React DnD. Helping improve @reactjs.

@facebook London, UK

Jack Herrington jherr

Myself Union City, CA

Robb Shecter dogweather

Pro bono attorney and software engineer

18F (work) + personal projects Portland, OR

Greg Hurrell wincent

Front-End Engineer, Coke Zero Endorser, Aspiring Curmudgeon

@facebook San Francisco, CA

Samuel Reed STRML


BitMEX Milwaukee, WI

Tobias Koppers sokra

Author of webpack


Pete Hunt petehunt

CEO @ Smyte, ex-React team at Facebook

Smyte San Francisco, CA

Christopher Chedeau vjeux

Frenchy Front-end Engineer

Facebook San Francisco, California

Cheng Lou chenglou

Cool links:

Facebook Palo Alto, California

Ben Alpert spicyj

Facebook Mountain View, CA

Jameson Nyeholt wintermuted

I am a big proponent of software craftsmanship and agile methodologies. I enjoy working in environments that support TDD and pair-programming.

Jama Software Portland, OR

Nathan Wittstock fardog

how did this get here; i am not good with computer

@urbanairship Portland, OR

Catherine Nikolovski catnik

Hack Oregon United States

Wraithan (Chris McDonald) wraithan

Sparkypants Studios Portland, OR

Colby Aley cp

building @reflect: dataviz as a service ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Reflect Portland, OR.

Michel Pelletier michelp

Python, Postgres, CUDA oh my!

Portland, OR

Seth Vincent sethvincent

Writer, designer, & programmer. Available for work related to journalism, education, community organizing, technical writing, & Node.js/JavaScript.

seattle, wa

Daniel Earwicker danielearwicker

Chief Software Architect, CNL Software Ltd.

Reading, UK

Robin Hawkes robhawkes

Co-founder at UrbanSim. Creator of ViziCities. Previously worldwide devrel at Mozilla.

UrbanSim & ViziCities, ex-Mozilla & Pusher Chester, UK

Mele Sax-Barnett pdxmele

Urban Airship Portland, OR

Marty Nelson martypdx

martypdx, llc Portland, OR

Nijiko Yonskai nijikokun

San Francisco, California

Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko

Software developer and Open Source nut. Creator of the Flask framework. Contributing to @getsentry and running @pallets and @lektor


Christopher "Chief" Najewicz chiefy

devops minion, go n00b

nearForm Albany / NYC

Chris Dickinson chrisdickinson


@npm Portland, OR

Keith Palmer consolibyte

ConsoliBYTE, LLC Storrs, CT, USA

Richard Howard zeroecco

DevOps/SRE, husband, father. It is like attacking a tin shed with a chainsaw... from within the tin shed.

kongregate Portland, Oregon

=^._.^= maxogden

recruiters: dont email me if I dont respond to your PR you should send me a DM on twitter

Non-profit @datproject Oregon

Luc Perkins lucperkins

Technical Writer at Twitter Portland, OR

TJ Holowaychuk tj

Founder of Apex @tjholowaychuk on Twitter & Medium.

Apex Victoria, BC, Canada

Justin Searls searls

Test Double Columbus, OH

Ben Howdle benhowdle89

Ben Howdle Ltd Worcestershire, UK