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TN: categorize more actions

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1 parent e368fdc commit 74c0f966ff73dff9921aa54158dba62a1d32fa0f @jamesturk jamesturk committed Feb 24, 2012
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10 openstates/tn/
@@ -9,20 +9,30 @@
('Amendment adopted', 'amendment:passed'),
('Amendment failed', 'amendment:failed'),
('Amendment proposed', 'amendment:introduced'),
+ ('adopted am.', 'amendment:passed'),
+ ('Am. withdrawn', 'amendment:withdrawn'),
('Divided committee report', 'committee:passed'),
('Filed for intro.', ['bill:introduced', 'bill:reading:1']),
('Reported back amended, do not pass', 'committee:passed:unfavorable'),
('Reported back amended, do pass', 'committee:passed:favorable'),
+ ('Rec. For Pass.', 'committee:passed:favorable'),
+ ('Rec. For pass.', 'committee:passed:favorable'),
('Reported back amended, without recommendation', 'committee:passed'),
('Reported back, do not pass', 'committee:passed:unfavorable'),
('w/ recommend', 'committee:passed:favorable'),
('Ref. to', 'committee:referred'),
+ ('ref. to', 'committee:referred'),
+ ('Assigned to', 'committee:referred'),
('Recieved from House', 'bill:introduced'),
('Recieved from Senate', 'bill:introduced'),
+ ('Adopted, ', ['bill:passed']),
+ ('Passed H., ', ['bill:passed']),
+ ('Passed S., ', ['bill:passed']),
('Second reading, adopted', ['bill:passed', 'bill:reading:2']),
('Second reading, failed', ['bill:failed', 'bill:reading:2']),
('Second reading, passed', ['bill:passed', 'bill:reading:2']),
('Transmitted to Gov. for action.', 'governor:received'),
+ ('Transmitted to Governor for his action.', 'governor:received'),
('Signed by Governor, but item veto', 'governor:vetoed:line-item'),
('Signed by Governor', 'governor:signed'),
('Withdrawn', 'bill:withdrawn'),

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