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Go vs Go

This is the source code for, a site for playing the board game Go online with other players or against the computer.

If you have problems or suggestions, please post them on the Issue Tracker.


Ruby 1.9.2 is required. If you're using RVM it should automatically switch to 1.9.2 when entering the directory.

Run the following commands to set it up. Note the Homebrew command to install GNU Go and Beanstalk. You may want to use a different packaging system or install them from the source.

cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml
cp config/private.example.yml config/private.yml
rake db:create db:migrate
brew install gnu-go beanstalk

You can start up the server with rails s and run the specs with rake.

Background Process

In production, the computer moves are handled in a background process because GNU Go can take a while and we don't want to tie up the Rails process during this time.

If you want to test the background process, set background_process: true in your config/private.yml file. Next run beanstalkd and script/worker. to start up the processes. Alternatively you can use god to start and monitor it. See the config/god.rb file.


This site was originally created for Rails Rumble 2010 by Ryan Bates, James Edward Gray II and Phil Bates.