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book-splitter for smartphones


  • add player

  • add fields to db: comments model: sound_url:string, keyframes:text


  • post will not fetch comments anless user click on a post.

—> dont fetch on posts.view.index , click on post-view-item triggers fetching its own model

  • text to ascii - dealing with endl - on song-texts

—> replace endl char with symbol: ^ make it easier to edit the text in the dom.textArea

  • preformance: don't pull collection as default

—> router defaults: the view:_posts_index doesn't create the views for the comments.json

  • resize font with touch events (or else)

—> user can hide columns and the left ones(X) expended by maintaining the parameter: view.dom.className=spanX on each comment_view instance

  • making js interaction more fast - dont save each edit on column

—> add 'save' button to a comment view.

  • using db - to store array structure

—> parsing text to array for fields

content:text -> (panctuation,^)
keyframes:text -> (commas)
  • switch for: right to left paragraph

—> view: added checkbox to control html feature: rtl

db: added element to story: right-to-left:boolean, title:string


  • explenation page : implement a nav bar

  • individual db - user authenticate

  • be able to add cards - quizes

  • using git more smartly

  • accomplish d' exam

based on: Sample Backbone App using Backbone-relational