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## 0.4.3
* Added request logging support.
## 0.4.2
* Remove unnecessary signal traps.
## 0.4.1
* Fixed bug where stubs wouldn't actually be cleared correctly.
## 0.4.0
* Mimic can now be run in it's own process and configured externally using a REST API.
* Mimic can be run using the Daemons gem safely (pass :fork => false to disable built-in forking).
* All existing stubs can be cleared.
## 0.3.0
* All verb methods (get, post etc.) can take blocks
## 0.2.0
* Added support for using Rack middleware
* Removed host file modification feature
* Refactor code top build on top of Sinatra::Base
## 0.1.0
* Initial release
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