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rack-modernizr is a Rack Middleware that includes the Modernizr javascript and stuffs Modernizr's output into a cookie on the first page request.
-Include it in your like so:
+# Installation
+Include it in your application.rb like so:
+ module ModernizrTestApp
+ class Application < Rails::Application
+ config.middleware.use Rack::Modernizr
+ end
+ end
+or in your
+ # Initialize the rails application
+ MyApp::Application.initialize!
# This file is used by Rack-based servers to start the application.
require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment', __FILE__)
require 'modernizr'
+ # WARNING: session storage is not working properly with initialization :/
use Rack::Modernizr
run MyApp::Application
-or environment.rb
+# Usage
- # Load the rails application
- require File.expand_path('../application', __FILE__)
- config.middleware.use Rack::Modernizr
- # Initialize the rails application
- MyApp::Application.initialize!
+In your rails code, Modernizr's client side detected browser functionality is now available from the Rack environment. (w00t!)
+ <%= request.env['X-rack-modernizr'].inspect %>
+ if 1==request.env['X-rack-modernizr']['video']['h264']
+ # do stuff
+ end
+# Features
+Rack-modernizr chews up 1k of cookie data (yikes!). If you are storing session data in the database or memcache, you can avoid the cookie tax by pushing modernizr data into the session:
+ module ModernizrTestApp
+ class Application < Rails::Application
+ config.middleware.use Rack::Modernizr, :storage => "session"
+ end
+ end
-Add usage section for retrieving cookie data in your application. Test against multiple permutations of Rack/Ruby.
+(in no particular order)
+- Cool kid .accessorize method, like [rack-flash](
+- Better unit testing for sessions and cookies.
+- Rails helper to clean up retrieval syntax
+- compression to cut down on 1k cookie storage size
+# Thanks
rack-modernizr was inspired by [jamesgpearce]('s super awesome [modernizr-server]( Some javascript was used from that project.

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