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#lang scheme
;;; An interpreter for λJS.
;;; Written by Arjun Guha and Claudiu Saftoiu
;;; Tested with PLT Scheme v4.2.2
;;; This intepreter maps λJS to PLT Scheme in the following ways:
;;; - Constants are mapped to constants.
;;; - λJS's functions are represented as unary lambdas. The single Scheme
;;; argument accepts a list of λJS arguments.
;;; - Objects are represented as immutable hash tables.
;;; - References are represented as boxes.
;;; - null and undefined are represented by the symbols 'null and 'undefined.
;;; - Expcetions are implemented as exn:λJS-throw exceptions.
;;; - try-catch is implemented with Scheme's with-handlers.
;;; - try-finally is implemented with dynamic-wind.
;;; - Labelled expressions and break are implemented with exn:λJS-break
;;; exceptions. The handler for the labelled expression lbl, propagates
;;; break-exceptions that are intended for encloding labelled expressions.
;;; - A break-handler around function applications prevent breaks from
;;; crossing function boundaries. This has the side-effect of faithfully
;;; modelling JavaScript's lack of tail calls.
(provide interp
(require "")
(require mzlib/pregexp)
(define (value? v)
(or (string? v)
(number? v)
(boolean? v)
(procedure? v)
(equal? v 'null)
(equal? v 'undefined)
(hash? v) ; objects
(box? v)))
(define empty-env (make-immutable-hash empty))
(define-struct (exn:λJS-break exn) (label value) #:transparent)
(define-struct (exn:λJS-throw exn) (value) #:transparent)
;;; interp : env -> expr -> value
(define ((interp env) expr)
(match expr
[(? number? x) x]
[(? string? x) x]
[(? boolean? x) x]
['undefined 'undefined]
['null 'null]
[`(object [,field-names ,e2] ...)
(if (andmap string? field-names)
(let ([field-values (map (interp env) e2)])
(make-immutable-hash (map cons field-names field-values)))
(error 'interp "not all field names are strings: ~a" field-names))]
[`(lambda (,(? symbol? formals) ...) ,body)
(lambda (actuals)
(if (= (length actuals) (length formals))
(let* ([extended-env (foldr (λ (x v env) (hash-set env x v)) env formals actuals)])
; Prevent breaks from crossing procedure boundaries
(λ (exn)
(error 'interp "break crossing a procedure boundary")))]
((interp extended-env) body)))
(error 'interp "arity-mismatch")))]
[(? symbol? id)
(hash-ref env id
(lambda () (error 'interp "free variable: ~a" id)))]
[`(let ([,bound-names ,bound-exprs] ...) ,body)
(let* ([bound-values (map (interp env) bound-exprs)]
[extended-env (foldr (λ (x v env) (hash-set env x v)) env bound-names bound-values)])
((interp extended-env) body))]
[`(alloc ,e)
(box ((interp env) e))]
[`(set! ,e1 ,e2)
(let ([v1 ((interp env) e1)]
[v2 ((interp env) e2)])
(if (box? v1)
(set-box! v1 v2)
(error 'interp "invalid l-value: ~a" v1)))]
[`(deref ,e)
(let ([v ((interp env) e)])
(if (box? v)
(unbox v)
(error 'interp "(deref ~a) ->> (deref ~a)" e v)))]
[`(get-field ,e1 ,e2)
(let ([v1 ((interp env) e1)]
[v2 ((interp env) e2)])
(letrec ([lookup (λ (obj)
(hash-ref obj v2
(λ ()
(let ([prototype (hash-ref obj "$proto" #f)])
(if (and (box? prototype) (hash? (unbox prototype)))
(lookup (unbox prototype))
(if (and (hash? v1) (string? v2))
(lookup v1)
(error 'interp "(get-field ~a ~a)" v1 v2))))]
[`(update-field ,e1 ,e2 ,e3)
(let ([v3 ((interp env) e3)]
[v2 ((interp env) e2)]
[v1 ((interp env) e1)])
(if (and (hash? v1) (string? v2))
(hash-set v1 v2 v3)
(error 'interp "(update-field ~a ~a ~a)" v1 v2 v3)))]
[`(delete-field ,e1 ,e2)
(let ([v1 ((interp env) e1)]
[v2 ((interp env) e2)])
(if (and (hash? v1) (string? v2))
(hash-remove v1 v2)
(error 'interp "(delete-field ~a ~a)" v1 v2)))]
[`(begin ,es ...)
(for/last [(e es)]
((interp env) e))]
[`(if ,e1 ,e2 ,e3)
(match ((interp env) e1)
[#t ((interp env) e2)]
[#f ((interp env) e3)]
[v (error 'interp "(if ~a ~a ~a)" v e2 e3)])]
[`(label ,(? symbol? x) ,e)
(λ (exn) (if (symbol=? (exn:λJS-break-label exn) x)
(exn:λJS-break-value exn)
(raise exn))))]
((interp env) e))]
[`(break ,(? symbol? x) ,e)
(make-exn:λJS-break "λJS break" (current-continuation-marks) x ((interp env) e)))]
[`(while ,e1 ,e2)
((interp env) `(if ,e1 (begin ,e2 (while ,e1 ,e2)) undefined))]
[`(err ,(? value? v))
(make-exn:λJS-throw (format "λJS (err ~s)" v) (current-continuation-marks) v))]
[`(throw ,e)
(let ([v ((interp env) e)])
(make-exn:λJS-throw (format "λJS (throw ~s) ->> ~s" e v)
(current-continuation-marks) v)))]
[`(try-catch ,body-e (lambda (,x) ,catch-e))
(λ (exn)
((interp (hash-set env x (exn:λJS-throw-value exn))) catch-e)))]
((interp env) body-e))]
[`(try-finally ,body-e ,finally-e)
(λ () ((interp env) body-e))
(λ () ((interp env) finally-e)))]
[`( ,(? λJS-operator? op) ,es ...)
(let ([vs (map (interp env) es)])
(let ([result (λJS-δ (cons op vs))])
(match result
[`(err ,z)
(make-exn:λJS-throw (format "λJS (err ~s)" z) (current-continuation-marks) z))]
[else result])))]
[`(,fun-e ,arg-es ...)
(let ([fun-v ((interp env) fun-e)]
[arg-vs (map (interp env) arg-es)])
(if (procedure? fun-v)
(fun-v arg-vs)
(error 'interp "expected function, received ~a" fun-v)))]
[else (error 'interp "invalid expression: ~a" expr)]))