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#lang scheme
; TODO : specify substitution in full
(require redex)
(require "")
(provide (all-defined-out))
(define-language lambdaJS
(σ ((loc val) ...))
(loc natural)
(prim number string #t #f undefined null)
(prim+prim-object prim (object [string prim+prim-object] ...))
((val obj) prim (lambda (x ...) e) (ref loc) (object [string val] ...))
(error (err val))
(prim+prim-object+error prim+prim-object error)
(prim+error prim error)
;;strictly for errors:
(not-object loc prim (lambda (x ...) e) (ref loc))
(not-string loc number #t #f undefined null (lambda (x ...) e) (ref loc) (object [string val] ...))
(not-lambda loc prim (ref loc) (object [string val] ...))
(not-ref loc prim (lambda (x ...) e) (object [string val] ...))
(not-bool loc number string undefined null (lambda (x ...) e) (ref loc) (object [string val] ...))
(op + string-+
% - * / === ==
< string-<
& \| ^ ~ << >> >>>
to-integer to-uint-32 to-int-32
typeof surface-typeof
prim->number prim->string prim->bool
(lbl x)
(e val
(op e ...)
(e e ...)
(let ([x e] ...) e)
(set! e e)
(alloc e)
(deref e)
(object [string e] ...)
(get-field e e)
(update-field e e e)
(delete-field e e)
(begin e e ...)
(if e e e)
(while e e)
(try-catch e (lambda (x) e))
(try-finally e e)
(throw e)
(label lbl e)
(break lbl e))
((f g x y z) variable-not-otherwise-mentioned)
; Contexts within try-catch blocks
(F hole
(op val ... F e ...)
(val ... F e ...)
(let ([x val] ... [y F] [z e] ...) e)
(alloc F)
(deref F)
(break lbl F)
(throw F)
(set! F e) (set! val F)
(object [string val] ... [string F] [string e] ...)
(get-field F e)
(get-field val F)
(update-field e e F)
(update-field e F val)
(update-field F val val)
(delete-field F e)
(delete-field val F)
(begin val ... F e ...)
(if F e e)
(label lbl F))
(H hole
(op val ... H e ...)
(val ... H e ...)
(let ([x val] ... [y H] [z e] ...) e)
(alloc H)
(deref H)
(throw H)
(set! H e) (set! val H)
(object [string val] ... [string H] [string e] ...)
(get-field H e)
(get-field val H)
(update-field e e H)
(update-field e H val)
(update-field H val val)
(delete-field F e)
(delete-field val F)
(begin val ... H e ...)
(if H e e)
(try-catch H (lambda (x) e)))
(E hole
(op val ... E e ...)
(val ... E e ...)
(let ([x val] ... [y E] [z e] ...) e)
(alloc E)
(deref E)
(break lbl E)
(throw E)
(set! E e) (set! val E)
(object [string val] ... [string E] [string e] ...)
(get-field E e)
(get-field val E)
(update-field e e E)
(update-field e E val)
(update-field E val val)
(delete-field E e)
(delete-field val E)
(begin val ... E e ...)
(if E e e)
(label lbl E)
(try-finally E e)
(try-catch E (lambda (x) e)))
(define-metafunction lambdaJS
δ : op val ... -> prim+prim-object+error
[(δ op val ...)
,(λJS-δ (term (op val ...)))])
(define-metafunction lambdaJS
subst-n : (x any) ... any -> any
[(subst-n (x_1 any_1) (x_2 any_2) ... any_3)
(subst x_1 any_1 (subst-n (x_2 any_2) ...
[(subst-n any_3) any_3])
(define-metafunction lambdaJS
subst : x any any -> any
;;don't sub label or break names:
[(subst x_1 any_1 (break any_2 e_2))
(break any_2 (subst x_1 any_1 e_2))]
[(subst x_1 any_1 (label any_2 e_2))
(label any_2 (subst x_1 any_1 e_2))]
[(subst x_1 any_1 (object [any_15 any_2] ...))
(object [(subst x_1 any_1 any_15) (subst x_1 any_1 any_2)] ...)]
[(subst y any_1 (let ([x_2 e_2] ...
[y e_y]
[x_3 e_3] ...)
(let ([x_2 (subst y any_1 e_2)] ...
[y (subst y any_1 e_y)]
[x_3 (subst y any_1 e_3)] ...)
(side-condition (not (member (term x_1) (term (x_2 ...)))))]
[(subst x_1 any_1 (let ([x_2 e_2] ...) e_3))
,(term-let ([(x_new ...) (variables-not-in (term (x_1 any_1 e_3)) (term (x_2 ...)))])
(let ([x_new (subst x_1 any_1 e_2)] ...)
(subst x_1 any_1 (subst-vars (x_2 x_new) ... e_3)))))]
[(subst x_1 any_1 (lambda (x_2 ... x_1 x_3 ...) any_2))
(lambda (x_2 ... x_1 x_3 ...) any_2)
(side-condition (not (member (term x_1) (term (x_2 ...)))))]
[(subst x_1 any_1 (lambda (x_2 ...) any_2))
,(term-let ([(x_new ...)
(term (x_1 any_1 any_2))
(term (x_2 ...)))])
(lambda (x_new ...)
(subst x_1 any_1
(subst-vars (x_2 x_new) ...
[(subst x_1 any_1 x_1) any_1]
[(subst x_1 any_1 x_2) x_2]
[(subst x_1 any_1 (any_2 ...))
((subst x_1 any_1 any_2) ...)]
[(subst x_1 any_1 any_2) any_2])
(define-metafunction lambdaJS
subst-vars : (x any) ... any -> any
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) ... (label x_2 any_2))
(label x_2 (subst-vars (x_1 any_1) ... any_2))]
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) ... (break x_2 any_2))
(break x_2 (subst-vars (x_1 any_1) ... any_2))]
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) ... (object [x_2 any_2] ...))
(object [x_2 (subst-vars (x_1 any_1) ... any_2)] ...)]
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) x_1) any_1]
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) (any_2 ...))
((subst-vars (x_1 any_1) any_2) ...)]
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) any_2) any_2]
[(subst-vars (x_1 any_1) (x_2 any_2) ... any_3)
(subst-vars (x_1 any_1)
(subst-vars (x_2 any_2) ... any_3))]
[(subst-vars any) any])
(define-metafunction lambdaJS
alloc-def : val σ -> (loc σ)
[(alloc-def val_new ((loc val) ...))
,(term-let ([loc_new (+ 1 (apply max (term (0 loc ...))))])
(term (loc_new ((loc_new val_new) (loc val) ...))))])
;;error-free relation:
(define eval-lambdaJS
(--> (((loc_1 val_1) ... (loc val_old) (loc_3 val_3) ...)
(in-hole E (set! (ref loc) val_new)))
(((loc_1 val_1) ... (loc val_new) (loc_3 val_3) ...)
(in-hole E (ref loc)))
(==> (op val ...) (δ op val ...)
(==> ((lambda (x ...) e) val ...)
(subst-n (x val) ... e)
(==> (let ([x val] ...) e)
(subst-n (x val) ... e)
(--> (σ_1 (in-hole E (alloc val)))
(σ_2 (in-hole E (ref loc)))
(where (loc σ_2) (alloc-def val σ_1)))
(--> (((loc_1 val_1) ... (loc_2 val_2) (loc_3 val_3) ...) (in-hole E (deref (ref loc_2))))
(((loc_1 val_1) ... (loc_2 val_2) (loc_3 val_3) ...) (in-hole E val_2))
(==> (get-field (object [string_x val_x] ... [string_y val_y] [string_z val_z] ...) string_y)
(==> (get-field (object [string_x val] ...) string_y)
(and (not (member (term string_y) (term (string_x ...))))
(not (member (term "$proto") (term (string_x ...)))))))
(==> (get-field (object [string_x val_x] ... ["$proto" val_prot] [string_z val_z] ...) string_y)
(get-field (deref val_prot) string_y)
(not (member (term string_y) (term (string_x ... string_z ...))))))
(==> (update-field (object [string_x val_x] ... [string_y val_old] [string_z val_z] ...) string_y val_new)
(object [string_x val_x] ... [string_y val_new] [string_z val_z] ...)
(==> (update-field (object [string_x val] ...) string_y val_new)
(object [string_y val_new] [string_x val] ...)
(side-condition (not (member (term string_y) (term (string_x ...))))))
(==> (delete-field (object [string_x val_x] ... [string val] [string_y val_y] ...)
(object [string_x val_x] ... [string_y val_y] ...)
(==> (delete-field (object [string_x val_x] ...)
(object [string_x val_x] ...)
(side-condition (not (member (term string_y) (term (string_x ...))))))
(==> (begin val ... val_r)
(==> (if #t e_1 e_2)
(==> (if #f e_1 e_2)
(==> (while e_1 e_2)
(if e_1 (begin e_2 (while e_1 e_2)) undefined)
(==> (label lbl (in-hole H (break lbl val)))
(==> (label lbl_1 (in-hole H (break lbl_2 val)))
(break lbl_2 val)
(side-condition (not (equal? (term lbl_1) (term lbl_2)))))
(==> (break lbl_1 (in-hole H (break lbl_2 val)))
(break lbl_2 val)
(==> (label lbl_1 val)
(==> (throw val)
(err val)
(==> (try-catch (in-hole F (err val)) (lambda (x) e))
(subst x val e)
(==> (try-catch val (lambda (x) e))
(--> (σ (in-hole F (err val)))
(err val)
(==> (try-finally (in-hole F (err val)) e)
(begin e (err val))
(==> (try-finally (in-hole H (break lbl val)) e)
(begin e (break lbl val))
(==> (try-finally val e)
(begin e val)
(--> (σ (in-hole E eval-semantic-bomb))
[(--> (σ (in-hole E e_1)) (σ (in-hole E e_2)))
(==> e_1 e_2)]))
;;error reductions:
(define eval-lambdaJS-errors
(--> (((loc_1 val_1) ... )
(in-hole E (set! (ref loc) val_new)))
(err "Setting invalid ref")
(side-condition (not (memq (term loc) (term (loc_1 ...)))))
(==> (set! not-ref val)
(err "Setting a not-ref")
(==> ((lambda (x ...) e) val ...)
(subst-n (x val) ... e)
(side-condition (= (length (term (x ...)))
(length (term (val ...))))))
(==> ((lambda (x ...) e) val ...)
(err "Wrong number of args to lambda")
(side-condition (not (= (length (term (x ...)))
(length (term (val ...)))))))
(==> (not-lambda val ...)
(err "Not given lambda in function application position")
(--> (((loc_1 val_1) ...) (in-hole E (deref (ref loc))))
(err "deref of an invalid location")
(side-condition (not (memq (term loc) (term (loc_1 ...)))))
(==> (deref not-ref)
(err "deref of a not-ref")
(==> (get-field not-object val)
(err "GetField not given object")
(==> (get-field (object [string val] ...) not-string)
(err "GetField not given string")
(==> (update-field not-object val val_2)
(err "UpdateField not given object")
(==> (update-field (object [string val] ...) not-string val_2)
(err "GetField not given string")
(==> (delete-field not-object val)
(err "delete-field expects an object as first argument")
(==> (delete-field (object [string val] ...) not-string)
(err "delete-field expects a string as second argument")
(==> (if not-bool e_1 e_2)
(err "if not given a boolean test")
;no need for a separate while reduction rule
(--> (σ (in-hole H (break lbl_1 val)))
(σ (err "missing label for break"))
;eval fails explicitly:
(==> eval-semantic-bomb
(err "Eval was called")
[(--> (σ (in-hole E e_1)) (σ (in-hole E e_2)))
(==> e_1 e_2)]
;;testing funcs:
(define-syntax trace
(syntax-rules ()
[(_ exp)
(traces eval-lambdaJS (term (() exp)))]))
(define-syntax trace-errs
(syntax-rules ()
[(_ exp)
(traces eval-lambdaJS-errors (term (() exp)))]))
(define-syntax trace-errs-p
(syntax-rules ()
[(_ p)
(traces eval-lambdaJS-errors (term p))]))
(define-syntax test
(syntax-rules ()
[(_ e1 e2)
(lambda (result)
; Ensure we have a unique result from evaluation.
(list? result) (= 1 (length result))
; e2 may specify the entire result (including, possibly, the heap)
(equal? (first result) (term e2))
; if not, attempt to match just the resulting term with e2 (i.e. drop the heap)
(and (list? (first result))
(= 2 (length (first result)))
(equal? (second (first result)) (term e2))))))
eval-lambdaJS (term (() e1))))]))