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RSL Website Development

A web app for RSL official site.

RE:START KartRider League


This directory is for local development only.

Just go to /wordpress and run docker-compose up -d to start a local server with the latest WP running.

Exposed content in directory

  1. The database stores in /wordpress/_db.
  2. WordPress content /wordpress/wp-content and wp-config.php.
  3. PHP setting uploads.ini.

Local domain

Add the host settings to /private/etc/hosts on Mac or C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows to make local domain works. rsl.local
::1 rsl.local

Coding Standards


Required plugins

  1. ACF to REST API
  2. Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  3. WP REST Cache

Recommend plugins

  1. Classic Editor + Advanced Editor Tools
    • For post editing.
  2. Disable REST API
    • Disabled unused endpoints.
  3. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
    • Directly update plugins by uploading zip files.
  4. XML Sitemaps
    • Generate sitemaps of posts, categories, etc.
  5. Simple Custom Post Order
    • Custom order of posts, categories, etc.

Debug plugins

  1. FakerPress
  2. WP API SwaggerUI


  1. Just install a new WordPress website in the server.
  2. In WordPress [Settings] > [General], keep WordPress Address, change Site Address to the web app's url.


The main web app, built with Nuxt.js, deployed by Plesk Node.js extension.

Before running yarn in /web, you need to create .npmrc then add the Font Awesome Pro Package Token in it to pull the private packages from NPM.

Deploy to Plesk domain

  1. Enable Git for the domain.
  2. Add a remote Git repository, paste the git web url (
  3. In [Repository Settings], copy SSH public key, add to Github repo > [Deploy keys].
  4. Copy Webhook URL, create a webhook with push event trigger in GitHub repo > [Webhooks].
  5. Check the option Enable additional deploy actions.
  6. Paste the deploy commands in Actions.
cd web && PATH=/opt/plesk/node/12/bin/:$PATH; npm i -g yarn; yarn; yarn build:safe
touch web/tmp/restart.txt
/bin/cp -R wordpress/wp-content/themes/rsl_v1/ {WP_PATH_ON_PLESK}/wp-content/themes/
  1. Add this line at the end of web/.npmrc for Plesk runs the node commands normally.
  1. Enable Node.js for the domain.
  2. Set Document Root and Application Root to /web.
  3. Set Application Startup File to node_modules/nuxt-start/bin/nuxt-start.js.
  4. That's it. Every time push the code to GitHub, it will auto build and deploy the app to the domain.


All of the assets of KartRider or brands in this project were reviewed and authorized by their companies, do not use them without authorization.


RE:START KartRider League official website development.






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