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Procedure to create a fresh PANE demo VM:
1) Install Ubuntu Server 64-bit in a Virtual Box VM (1 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD)
- Hostname: panedemo, User: paneuser / paneuser
- No LVM, disk encryption, or other features
2) After the new OS boots, login and do:
cd /tmp
bash ./ --pane
3) Upon reboot, you should be brought to the XFCE desktop environment and
logged-in as paneuser.
4) Finish-up by installing the Virtual Box Guest Additions
Bonus... If you want to free some space in your sparse image:
1) In your guest OS, do:
$ cat /dev/zero > zeros ; sync ; sleep 1 ; sync ; rm -f zeros
2) Then, shutdown guest OS, and in the host OS, do:
$ VBoxManage modifyhd --compact /path/to/image.vdi
If you use VMWare instead of Virtual Box, the procedure to shrink the
zero'd disk is to install the guest OS tools, and run vmware-toolbox
from within the guest OS.
You can also create Frenetic and FlowLog VM's using the tools in this repo.
1) In step (1) above, use "frenetic" or "flowlog" instead of the "pane*"
names as appropriate
2) In step (2) above, use the flags "--frenetic" or "--flowlog" instead
of "--pane"