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Reporting Issues & Missing User Agents

If you find the Browscap INI is missing a User Agent, you can report this by opening an issue on the Issue Tracker.

All bug reports should include:

  • The version and type of browscap.ini you are using (e.g. 5029, Standard)
  • The method you are using to download and/or parse the file (e.g. manually, using browscap/browscap-php, using GaretJax/phpbrowscap, using Classic ASP, using PHP built in etc.)
  • The full missing User Agent(s)
  • Any other information you feel may be relevant
  • If you are reporting something other than a missing user agents, it would be useful if you could provide steps to reproduce your issue

Adding User Agents Yourself

In order to make updates to the Source Files (in the resources) folder, you may submit Pull Requests on GitHub to help update the files.

The format of these files is documented here.

You must also add a UA test in the tests/fixtures/issues folder that verifies that your changes work correctly. See more information in the Testing section on the wiki.


If you would like to donate to the Browscap project, you can do so by one of two ways:

  • a regular donation on our Gittip page
  • a one off donation via PayPal (note that this goes via the PHP Hampshire user group, it is not a mistake!)