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Test the notification

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Here you can find more detailed information how to test and debug the notification.

Problem: The message is not shown in a browser as expected.

Most probably the message does show up, but you missed it and the next time you reload the page it is not shown, because by default the message only appears once every 24 hours in order not to annoy visitors (this can be configured with the reminder option). This is done by setting a cookie (non-tracking!!) that the user already has seen the message, or he even explicitly closed it. To circumvent this clear the cookies or try the workaround below.

Ignore the cookie

To ignore this "bar already shown"-cookie you can append #ignorecookie-bu to your page URL and reload the page (for example This should show the notification if it is correctly configured.

Get more information why the notification is shown or not

If the bar still does not show up more detailed information can be gained from appending #test-bu to the url, for example

This always shows the message and additionally some debug information like:

Browser Notification Debug-Mode (v3.3.13)

Browser would normally be notified: false

Browser info

is_latest:true, is_insecure:false, other:false, no_device_update:false, cookie set:false

Why does the message not show up?

These are some possible reasons why the message might not show up:

  • The browser is the latest version. By design it is not possible to notify the latest version of a browser.
  • The user is on an old system and cannot update to any more recent browser.
  • Actually, the notification was shown, but it is only shown once every 24 hours (see above)
  • The configuration is not set to notify the particular browser, see Details on configuration.
  • The browser is some fringe browser (<0.1% market share) that will not be notified because either users know what they do or they cannot update anyway.
  • Your browser somehow blocks access to the script (e.g. You have some tracking prevention / adblock that erroneously blocks the script.)
  • You might have some other errors in your javascript code. Check the console.