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Blog Module for BrowserCMS

A simple blog module that lets users create multiple blogs.


  • Users can easily create one or more blogs with their corresponding sections, pages and routes.
  • Leverages BrowserCMS' built-in categorization and tagging and authorization framework.
  • Comments are just ContentBlocks so they are versioned and moderated out of the box.
  • Blog blocks can be added to any container in any page.


gem install bcms_blog

Set up your application to use the module

1. Edit config/environment.rb

config.gem "browsercms"
config.gem "bcms_blog"

2. Run the following commands

script/generate browser_cms
rake db:migrate

3. Edit config/routes.rb


Creating a Blog

When you create a Blog content block from the content library, all the structure needed for the blog to run is created for you. This includes a new section, 2 pages, a few page routes and a portlet.


The module provides a template that is a good starting point for your blog's layout. If you want to further customize the look and feel, just copy the file app/views/partials/_blog_post.html.erb on this repository to app/views/partials on your application and modify it to suit your needs.

Keep in mind that both the posts list and individual post pages are handled by the same partial.


  • Tyler Rick
  • Jon Leighton
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