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* Make compatible with CMS v3.5.x
* Merge changes from 1.2.2 into 1.3.x line
* Ensure documents with empty titles work correctly
* Endure Narowing/Caching/Paging/etc are available for rails 3
* Upgrade GSA module to be Rails 3/BrowserCMS 3.3.x compatible (Did not include some v1.2.x changes)
This release adds several refinements to the gmini/gsa module, including:
* Better Paging - The results pages control now behaves like the test center does, where it shows a maximum of 20 page links, based on the 'current' page the user is on.
* Sort by Date/Relevance - Users can now toggle the results display between date and relevance.
* Caching - Each result now correctly generate a link to the cached version of the document as stored by the GSA.
* Narrow Your Search - Shows users a set of other suggested queries to allow them to 'Narrow Your Search', based on the current query and what results are stored in GSA. Only available for GSA instances, as Google Mini does not support Dynamic Result Clustering.
* [Bug Fix] Queries and results are now interpreted as UTF-8. Should avoid weird encoding issues with results.
How Google Results Pager works
* Start with 1 - 9.
* Add current page plus 9,
* Show a maximum of 20 results, plus Previous and Next
* Range is 10 previous, current, next 9
CP = 11, range = 1 - 20
CP = 1, range = 1-10
CP = 12, range = 2 - 21
Adds the following features:
* Displays Key Matches for queries
* Display Synonyms for queries