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News Module for BrowserCMS

A module to create and display News Items or Press Releases content.


  • News Articles - Contributors can create News Articles with attributes like release date, title, summary, body and an attachment.
  • Friendly URLs - Each news article will have its own unique path created automatically based on its name. Published article can be accessed via these paths.
  • RSS - Visitors can subscribe to an RSS feed that displays the most recent 15 News Articles.
  • Recent News - Contributors can show the most recent few articles (via a Portlet) on any page. The exact # of articles shown can be configured.
  • Archive - Visitors can browse all past articles. By default, the portlet will display articles in reverse chronological order, grouped by month.
  • Categorized - Uses the core Category module to allow each News Article to marked for a particular Category. Both the Recent News and Archive can be configured to show articles only in a particular category.
  • Configurable Views - Each portlet's view can be edited via the CMS UI to be tweaked for any site design.
  • News Section - A top level 'News' section will be created along with several pages designed to handle the above features will be created.

News Articles

The News Module defines a new content type, "News Article" which comes with the following fields.

  • Name (Textfield)
  • Release Date (Date Picker)
  • Category (Select one)
  • Summary (Textarea) - Appears in summarized lists (like 'Recent News')
  • Body (HTML Editor) - Appears when individual news articles are viewed.
  • File (File Upload) - Allows files attachments like PDF attachments to be added
  • Tags (Free Form Tagging) - Allows multiple free form tags to be applied to any article.


The news module uses the standard BrowserCMS module instructions as detailed here:

After Installation

The news module will create several pages under a 'News' section in the root of the Sitemap. Contributors will need to publish these pages via the sitemap in order for them to display in the menus.

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