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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# This command will automatically be run when you run "rails" with Rails 3 gems installed from the root of your application.
ENGINE_PATH = File.expand_path('../..', __FILE__)
load File.expand_path('../../test/dummy/script/rails', __FILE__)
# Rails 3.2.2 generates the following instead, but you only get access to:
# - rails generate
# - rails destroy
# I kept the above (for now anyway) so I can get access to rails server, though I will need to test that it works for other commands too.
#ENGINE_ROOT = File.expand_path('../..', __FILE__)
#ENGINE_PATH = File.expand_path('../../lib/browsercms/engine', __FILE__)
#require 'rails/all'
#require 'rails/engine/commands'
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