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#These are tasks used for the development of CMS as a standalone rails app, not to be included into a CMS project
desc "Reset the DB, run the migrations, load the fixtures, run the specs"
task :reset => ["db:reload_demo_data", "test:all"]
namespace :db do
# This task needs to somehow be packaged as part of the CMS gem, so that users can use the demo.rb template to install the data.
desc "Installs sample data for a demo site, including several templates and sample pages."
task :load_demo_data => :environment do
t0 =
puts "== Demo Data: creating ====================================================="
puts "== Demo Data: created (%0.4fs) ============================================\n" % ( - t0)
desc "Wipes database, and reinstalls the demo data."
task :reload_demo_data => ["db:migrate:reset", "db:load_demo_data"]
end do |t|
t.options = ['--output-dir', 'doc/api/']
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