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  • [CMS] Upgrade a 3rd module (with a migration) to confirm the installation and upgrade instructions work correctly.



  • How much value is there to allow users to pick the table prefix (as compared to the complexity it brings). Would it be better to just force everything to cms_?
  • Add Block.publish and publish! for easier coding. (or just make default for blocks to be published via code and not via UI)
  • Internal CMS layouts (like _head.html.erb) do not take advantage of the asset pipeline to join all css or js files (most are compiled into cms/application.css though)
  • Improve generators for assets from engines (Review
  • Remove the styled_file_field (no longer maintained)
  • Themes can be packaged as assets as well (I think?). Rework bluesteel so its part of the asset pipeline.
  • Design how a portlet can include a single jquery based library by just declaring it in the render.html.erb. ** eg. auto_discovery_link_tag -> Does not get included in the head
  • Allow for multiple view templates for blocks.
  • Look at Papertrail and see how they structure versions. Their API seems every simple for single blocks.
  • Clean up logging messages that are filling up the production logs unnecessarily ** 'Caching enabled' ** 'Not the CMS site' ** 'Rendering content block X' ** 'Not caching, user logged in' ** Rendering template X' ** Have at most one line per request for any diagnostic result.
  • Upgrade jquery.selectbox-0.5 to ( This will likely improve the usability of the selectbox.

Seed Data

Determine if there is a more conventional pattern for applying seed data as part of an engine. From Docs...

# If your engine has migrations, you may also want to prepare data for the database in # the seeds.rb file. You can load that data using the load_seed method, e.g. # # MyEngine::Engine.load_seed

Better Testing of Production/Env

Using Pow

Configure a CMS application to boot in production mode (temporarily for testing)

echo export RAILS_ENV=production > .powenv && touch tmp/restart.txt - From

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