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Document broken scenarios for fixing.

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+List of broken scenarios as of 3/19/2013 (After #566 inline editing is done)
+cucumber features/add_content_to_pages.feature:7 # Scenario: Selecting an existing html block
+cucumber features/add_content_to_pages.feature:19 # Scenario: Add Html/Text to a page
+cucumber features/commands/generate_module.feature:13 # Scenario: Generate a module (3.4.x)
+cucumber features/commands/upgrade_project_to_3_4_0_from_3_3_x.feature:10 # Scenario: Upgrade Project
+cucumber features/commands/upgrading_to_3_5_0.feature:8 # Scenario: Comments out rails in gem
+cucumber features/content_blocks/manage_custom_blocks.feature:42 # Scenario: Add to a page
+cucumber features/generators/attachments.feature:9 # Scenario: Single Named Attachment
+cucumber features/generators/attachments.feature:31 # Scenario: Two Named Attachment
+cucumber features/generators/attachments.feature:42 # Scenario: Multiple Attachments
+cucumber features/generators/attachments.feature:64 # Scenario: Multiple Attachments with different names
+cucumber features/generators/content_blocks_for_modules.feature:9 # Scenario: Generate content block in a module
+cucumber features/generators/content_blocks_for_projects.feature:9 # Scenario: Create an content block for a project
+cucumber features/generators/content_blocks_for_projects.feature:55 # Scenario: With Belongs To
+cucumber features/generators/content_blocks_for_projects.feature:69 # Scenario: With Categories
+cucumber features/mobile_templates.feature:29 # Scenario: Editors can see mobile version of page
+cucumber features/mobile_templates.feature:36 # Scenario: Mobile 'mode' is sticky
+cucumber features/mobile_templates.feature:43 # Scenario: Disable Mobile mode
+cucumber features/portlets/portlets.feature:13 # Scenario: Login portlet when logged in
+cucumber features/user_self_service.feature:9 # Scenario: Cannot edit other users

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