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-Making the admin menu work
+## Big Tasks
-* Add the button bar menu
-** Disable buttons
-*** Publish
-*** Edit
+* Do UX for the content library, admin and sitemap
+* Implement implied features (Search/Notifications)
+## Admin Menu
* Reduce the different admin layouts (why are there so many?)
* Need to highlight active tab
* Need to highlight the active menu item
* Enforce link security for menus
* iframe means drop downs don't appear under page rather than over when editing a page.
+## New Features to implement
* Implement search
* Implement notifications
-# Developer Tasks
+## Developer Tasks
Style the following elements
+* Need a * for the BrowserCMS logo
* Edit Properties popover (currently centered and too small text)
+* Disabled state looks bad
+* New button shouldn't be split like it is
# Points of Design Discussion

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