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BrowserCMS is a general purpose, open source Web Content Management System (CMS), written in Ruby on Rails. It is designed to support three groups of people:

  1. Non-technical web editors who want a humane system to manage their site, without needing to understand what HTML or Rails
  2. Designers who want to create large and elegant websites with no artificial constraints by the CMS
  3. Developers who want create CMS-driven websites for their clients, or add a CMS to a Rails application

Documentation / Guides

  1. [V4.0] Getting Started – Installing BrowserCMS and creating your first project.
  2. [V4.0] User Manual – Using the user interface to create sites – for content authors and editors
  3. Upgrading a BrowserCMS Project – Upgrading a project or module to a newer version.
  4. Deployment Guide – Configuring your production server (using Apache/Passenger)
  5. Articles – A list of articles contributed by the Community on how to use, customize and extend BrowserCMS.
  6. API DocsYARD API documents for the latest version of the project.
  7. Proposals – A landing page for proposals that would be significant changes or improvements to either the Core CMS or modules.
  8. Adding BrowserCMS to an Existing Rails project – A guide to ‘CMSifying’ your existing Rails appliciation
  9. Setting up Mobile Sites – Configuring BrowserCMS to serve mobile content. (Coming in v3.5, see bcms_mobile until then.)

Extending BrowserCMS

  1. [V4.0] Content Blocks – Defining new content types for your site.
  2. [V4.0] Portlets – Fetching and dynamically display content
  3. [V4.0] Templates – Creating a theme/design for a site.
  4. Building BrowserCMS from Edge – Working with the very latest version of BrowserCMS from github
  5. Controllers with Authentication – Creating ActionControllers which use CMS authentication
  6. Working with the Content API – Understanding a few of the ‘gotchas’ between ActiveRecord and Content Blocks.

New Features

Check out the new features included in v4.0.


  1. Module List – Finding other modules to add to your BrowserCMS project.
  2. Installing a Module – Adding new functionality (modules) to your project
  3. Building Modules – Creating your own modules to share with the community.

Reference guides for older versions (BrowserCMS 3.1) are still available.

Code Tips / Snippets

Check out our page with some handy tips and snippets

Contributing to the Project


If you have questions, you can also find us in a few places:

  1. Our google group/mailing list
  2. On Twitter at @browsercms
  3. In IRC, at irc.freenode.net, channel #browsercms
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