[v4.0] Form Builder

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Form Builder

Allow editors to create form pages that can be used to collect information from visitors (i.e. Contact Us, Support requests, etc). Basically, any quick collect a few fields using a consistent form styling.

Features include:

  1. Forms can have multiple fields which can be text fields, textareas or multiple choice dropdowns. Field management is done via AJAX and fields can be added/reordered/removed without leaving the page.
  2. Fields can be required, have instructions and default values. Choices are added as lines of text for each dropdown field. Dropdowns use the first value as the default.
  3. Entries are stored in the database and can optionally notify someone via email when new submissions are created.
  4. Editors can manage entries via the admin (CRUD)
  5. Visitors can be redirected to another URL after submitting their entry or display a customizable 'success' message.
  6. Forms generate the HTML display using bootstrap's CSS by default. Projects can customize this in the application.rb with config.cms.form_builder_css
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