[v4.0] New Features

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  • List Portlet [#678] - A convenient way to find content without custom coding.

  • NameInput [#682] - Improved :name input allows for consistent name fields look/feel. New content will be generated with it.

  • [Fixes #684] Forgot Password

    • /cms/forgot-password doesn't exist
    • Reenable the forgot password link (/forgot-password)
    • The edit_password page (pulled from email) doesn't work when followed.


Try it! gem install browsercms --pre

See (and please help with!) current bug list here: https://github.com/browsermedia/browsercms/issues?milestone=22&state=open

Major Features

This release includes the following major features:

  • User Interface Redesgin - User interface has been complete redesigned from the ground up. The new UI is based on Twitter Bootstrap, has usability enhancements as well as an improved design.
  • True In Context Editing [#566] - Editors can directly edit Html content and page titles using CKEditor's inline capability.
  • Rails 4 Upgrade [#617] - BrowserCMS is now designed to work with Rail 4.0.
  • Ruby 2.0 [#651] - BrowserCMS is now designed to work with Ruby 2, matching the recommended specs for Rails 4. Ruby 1.9.3 and 1.9.2 may still work.
  • Form Builder [#124] - Allow editors to create form pages that can be used to collect information from visitors
  • Addressable Content [#588] - Custom content blocks (i.e. Product, Event, News Articles) can be created directly as pages in the sitemap.
  • Improved Template Storage [#608] - Database managed templates are no longer written out to the file system. Sites should have less permission related issued during deployments. Using Heroku to host sites should be easier as well.
  • Devise Integration [#641] - Devise is now used as standard authentication tool. Upgrading projects will have passwords reset (See upgrade notes for more details).
  • External Users [#644] - Better support for authenticating/authorizing users from external data sources rather than using additional solutions like CAS.

Other Features/Improvements

In addition to the other major features above, here are some improvements/features of note.

  • Portlet Descriptions [#619] - Portlets can now have a description that will be used to provide additional context when users are building/placing them.
  • No Need to Register Content Types [#621] - Content Blocks will automatically appear in the menus without needing to add them to the database.
  • Using Simple Form [#623] Reworked all forms to use simple_form (https://github.com/plataformatec/simple_form).
  • Migration Cleanup [#594] Migrations for previous versions have been compressed. This has implications for upgrading, but should make new project cleaner.
  • Consistent table prefixes [#639] All core cms tables will now start with cms_ rather than being configurable.
  • Content Blacklist - Portlets can be blacklisted via configuration so that they can't be created. Several previously stock types are blacklisted.
  • Refined Content API [#256] [#582][#584] - Make content blocks closer in behavior to ActiveRecord.
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