4.x IA Review

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These are notes from an IA/UX review of the in progress 4.0.

  • Stronger SEO features, including allowing users to define title formating (i.e. About Us | BrowserCMS) and automatically generating descriptions for both meta and search engines.
  • 301 redirects - Automatically prompt user to generate a 301 redirect if they change a path.
  • Enhanced Dashboard to show more workflow information - Most recently published, most recently put into draft, recently viewed items
  • Buttons on toolbar feel removed from selected sitemap items.
  • Add more columns to content library (last editor, locked/unlocked, icons for content types i.e. PDFs)
  • Search by Content Type, Author, other metadata (better filters)
  • Automatically push content to other social networks (Twitter, Facebook). Allow editor to craft message for each format.
  • Move buttons from toolbar into body of page when editing content block in form.
  • When adding a page, show the breadcrumb of where the page will live (i.e. section)
  • Allow creating/editing, allow editors to change parent
  • Panels/Tabs might allow us to split fields, but at the risk of hiding important information.
  • Show last updated content when editing/viewing content.
  • Review Dates - Allow content to have an automatically scheduled review date (i.e. 1 year) with notifications for editors to have them review content.
  • Sitemap - Renamed 'Sitemap' to 'Pages'. Everything you access is addressable. Content Library -> 'Assets' are things are things you put on pages.
  • Reusable content - Don't have all content blocks be reusable as text fields. Better solution might be to have blocks be opt in to be resuable.