Building BrowserCMS from Edge

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The purpose of this guide is to help developers who want to work with the very latest code from Github. It covers how to:

  • Get the latest copy of the source code from Github.
  • Build and install BrowserCMS as a gem.

If you want to get BrowserCMS the easy way, see Getting Started instead.

This guide is for BrowserCMS 3.3.

Things you need first

Before you can build BrowserCMS locally, there are few other bits of software you should have installed.

  1. Git – Distributed version control system. The code for BrowserCMS is on Github, so you need to have Git fetch the code.
  2. Rails 3.0.7 (or later)
  3. A Database – Either Mysql or the Sqlite gems should be installed. MySQL is recommended if you want to do development on the core.

Getting the source from GitHub

To build the gem from source, and install it on your system, type the following:

$ git clone git://

Installing the Gem from source

Once you have the source code, you can build and install the Gem via:

$ cd browsercms
$ rake install

This will use Bundler to build and install the gem. Once you have the BrowserCMS Gem installed, you can use it to create new projects, which will be configured to use it. At this point, you now have the gem installed, so you can follow the instructions in Getting Started to create your project.

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