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Version Tables

Each time you create a content block a versions table is created along with it. If you were to create a content_block of Events you would end up with an Events and an Event_version table. The versions table is used to track states between changes on any given record over time, such that each Event record has a one to many relationship with its Event_versions table. While you won't run into any issues during your first migration, you could have issues on future migrations on that table.

Consider a content block created with the command

    $ rails g cms:content_block Event name:string start_date:date 

Now consider a necessary change to the start_date from type date to type datetime. Its important to keep in mind that any time a migration to change or remove an existing column that its matching column also be removed and/or changed in its versions table to avoid any strange behavior.


Todo. Add information on browsercms caching.

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