Content and Code Workflow

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A typical workflow for a BrowserCMS site under development may look like this:

1. One or more developers working locally (development)
2. Staging site – Where changes are merged and reviewed
3. Live (production) – The live site being viewed by the public

Both content and code needs to move between these environments. A developer creating a new portlet (code) may also need to create an instance of that portlet (content) and some other blocks (content) for it work correctly. Scenarios might include:

Case 1: Work locally, redo on staging

1. Developers working locally and enter content into their local databases.
2. After review that code/content work, capistrano deploy the code and copy&paste the content again on staging.

Case 2: Work locally, point to staging database

1. Developers work on code locally, but enter content into the staging database
2. Code needs to be capistrano deployed

This second workflow reduces the rework but has issues with code on the staging server being out of date. May break down if >1 developer is working on staging at a time.

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