Content importing

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Moving content between local development and production servers should be easier/possible. First goal should be to make it easier to build out an entire site locally then push it to a staging server without needing to reenter the content.


  1. GUID/CID - A globally unique content id that would be assigned when content is created. This would handle the fact that ids for content are not unique across servers. Would be in addition to primary key to avoid needing to change keys. This ID would not need to be exposed via UI, but used only by content importing to detect 'new' content.
  2. Content/Seeds - Locally, you could run a rake task that would create .md files (similar to Jekyll format) for all (or some) content. These files could be checked into source (db/content) similar to seed data. Another rake task could be run on the server to add these new files.
  3. Environment comparison - Local environments could be made aware of staging/production servers to determine if new content exist or not.
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