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This page is intended to be a quick reference guide to the available modules you can add to BrowserCMS projects. It’s not an exhaustive list, so see ‘Finding more Modules’ below for ways to discover new modules as they are released.

In addition to listing some of the more frequently used modules, this page covers version compatiblity to make sure you can easily figure out if there is a version of the module you want available for your version of BrowserCMS.

Module List

In most cases, BrowserMedia is maintaining the modules listed below, though some notable exceptions are also listed.

Name 3.1 3.3 3.4 3.5 Priority Notes
bcms_news High
bcms_google_mini_search High
bcms_blog Medium
bcms_content_rotator High
bcms_webdav Medium
bcms_polling Medium
bcms_download Medium
bcms_settings High
bcms_seo_sitemap High
bcms_cas High
bcms_event High
bcms_rankings Medium
bcms_page_comments Medium
bcms_fckeditor Medium
bcms_kcfinder Medium
bcms_content_syncing Medium
bcms_netforum Medium Commercially licensed. For netFORUM Enterprise integrations
bcms_netforum_ondemand Medium Commercially licensed. For netFORUM Pro integrations (Team has no xweb api)
bcms_bmedia_feeds Medium Updated fork of the original module
bcms_aws_s3 Medium Updated fork of the original module

Table Legend


  • High – Somebody needs asap
  • Medium – Used frequently. Needs to get done eventually
  • Low – Rarely used. Candidate for deprecation

Versions of BrowserCMS

  • 3.5 – Rails 3.2.x compatible
  • 3.4 – Rails 3.1.x compatible
  • 3.3 – Rails 3.0.x compatible
  • 3.1 – Rails 2.3.x compatible

Finding more Modules

Besides the notable modules listed above, you can also look at Github and Rubygems to find modules.

  • Modules on RubyGems – A search of RubyGems for all modules that might be for BrowserCMS.
  • Modules on Github – A list of all github repositories which are ‘probably’ browsercms modules. These may be in various states of completeness.
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