Upgrading Jeweler with Rails 3

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This a reference page used by the bcms-upgrade command. It covers how to upgrade BrowserCMS modules to BrowserCMS 3.3.x/Rails 3 that may have been using Jeweler.

When does this matter?

This only applies to modules that are using Jeweler to build the gem. As part of the upgrade to Rails 3, its recommended that you move any jeweler related code out of Rakefile into a .rake file. This allows the Rails 3 upgrade process to just overwrite the Rakefile safely. The bcms-upgrade binary will help generate this file.

Alternative: Use Bundler

We recommend using Bundler to package and build your gem instead which is more consistent with other BrowserCMS projects/modules for BrowserCMS 3.4. To do this, add the following to your Rakefile

# Rakefile
require 'bundler'
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