Upgrading to 3.3.3 from 3.3.x

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  1. This guide assumes you are upgrading a BrowserCMS project to 3.3.3 from an earlier 3.3.x version.
  2. If you are upgrading to/from different versions, consult the Upgrade Guide for instructions for your specific versions:


1. Update your project's Gemfile

gem 'browsercms', '3.3.3' # Set to the new version of the gem

2. Update scripts

In your project, run the following scripts from the commandline:

$ bundle install
$ rails g browser_cms:cms
$ rake db:migrate

This will install the new version of the gem, copy the migrations into the project, and then update the database.


If you get

undefined method `id' for nil:NilClass

on the Sitemap, or

undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass

on any of the core content library types,search your sections table for any unjoined section nodes that do not have parent sections. The immediate fix is to delete these sections. The following query should help you locate problem section_nodes

SELECT * FROM section_nodes left  join sections on section_nodes.node_id = sections.id WHERE section_nodes.node_type = "Section"

This stack trace may point to the following line in the cms section.rb file

      section.full_path = root? ? section.name : "#{name} / #{section.name}"