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*** Welcome to the World of BrowserPlus!
BrowserPlus is a "Browser Plugin Abstraction" that allows you to write
and deploy functionality to end user devices that augments what is
possible from browser-based javascript.
BrowserPlus provides mechanisms to deploy and update these new plugins
(we call them "services"), and makes it much simpler to produce services
with wide end-user platform support.
Our goal is to breathe new life into web plugins of today, and make a
whole lot more possible on the web.
*** What Is This?
This SDK is everything you need to write cross browser binary (or
interpreted) services. Included in this SDK you'll find:
1. Sample native (C/C++) and interpreted (Ruby) services
2. headers and documentation for writing native services
(documentation for Ruby services is available online at
3. A command line utility that will validate and install services
you write locally.
4. A command line utility that will let you load and interact with
services you write from the command line.
*** Getting Started
Probably the best place to start is with a high level understanding of
how javascript developers will interact with your services. The code
samples and documentation online are a good place to start:
Once you understand the web developer's perspective, the easiest way
to get started with writing new services is to visit our 15 minute
walkthrough located at:
In that walkthrough you will build a complete ruby service from scratch,
and will get acquainted with the development process. Having completed
the walkthrough, you can inspect and build the documented samples included
in this SDK. Note that while we focus on ruby services in this tutorial,
the development process is very similar for writing native services. So
regardless of your ultimate interest, the tutorial is the best place to
Having understood the basics, you can leverage the full Service API
documentation for native or Ruby services in the SDK or online respectively
(as mentioned above).
*** Developer Mode
Previous to platform versions there was a "Developer Mode" that would
make it so services you published would be detected automatically when
you publish them (without restarting browserplus). This mode is
obsolete, and your services should be instantly available upon installation.
*** Getting Help and Following BrowserPlus
You can directly contact the engineers who built BrowserPlus
via Yahoo! Developer Network forums, here:
Also, we'll be hanging out on irc: #browserplus
Or, if you want a lightweight way to follow our progress you can follow
us on twitter:
and finally you can watch our blog:
*** Sharing Your Services
We recommend you join us on This service combined with
git provides an amazing way for geographically separated folks to
collaborate and offers free hosting for open source projects. The loose
convention we're using is to prepend 'bp-' to all projects containing
BrowserPlus services. You may search github to see the projects already
in progress:
So hop on github, connect with us via the means mentioned above, and we'll
git to forkin'.
*** Thanks!
Thanks for taking the time to download the SDK. We look forward to
seeing what you create and helping in any way we can. Throughout the
development of BrowserPlus, the most important feedback we've got is
from hackers, hobbyists, and technologists inside Yahoo! and out...
By reading this far, we suspect you're one of them. A kind thanks for
being interested and passionate, and helping us build something that
we hope will ultimately make the web a better place.
The BrowserPlus Team