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@@ -140,11 +140,18 @@ The id is the id returned when you first created the worker. Once called the bro
## Getting Worker Status
Sometimes you will need to check on the status of a worker. Not to be confused with the state of the javascript environment within the worker this method simply determines whether the worker is in queue, running or terminated.
- HEAD /worker/:id
+ GET /worker/:id
> This call requires authentication. If the request was made unauthorized a `401 Unauthorized` response is given. Alternatively if the authorized user is not the owner of the worker a `403 Forbidden` response is given.
-If the worker has been terminated a `404 Not Found` response is given. Otherwise a `200 Success` is returned with header `Worker-Status` whose value can be either `queue` or `running`.
+If the worker has been terminated an empty response is given. Otherwise you get a response with status and browser details.
+ status: 'running',
+ browser: {name: 'ie', version: '6.0'}
If you want to know the list of your current workers with their status, use the following method.
@@ -157,10 +164,12 @@ This method will return the list of workers whose status is either `queue` or `r
id: 3253,
status: 'running',
+ browser: {name: 'ie', version: '6.0'}
id: 3254,
status: 'queue',
+ browser: {name: 'firefox', version: '9.0'}
} ...

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