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  1. Clone the repository into your local folder. Install yeti
npm i -g yeti
  1. Establish a local testing connection between your machine and BrowserStack. To do so, download command-line JAR file (Windows) or binary file (BrowserStackLocal for OS X or Linux) from BrowserStack website . Once downloaded, setup the local testing connection. For example, on OS X using BrowserStackLocal run the following command:
./BrowserStackLocal -onlyAutomate -skipCheck SAMPLEKEY,9000,0

Replace with the ip address yeti server is listening on (To find that out, try yeti -s and notice the ip address it listens on. Press Ctrl+C to close yeti now) Replace SAMPLEKEY with your browserstack automate key.

  1. To start testing sample.html on Chrome browser (Windows platform) using BrowserStack infrastructure, run :
yeti -wd-url "" -caps "browserName=chrome;platform=WINDOWS;browserstack.tunnel=true;browserstack.debug=true" sample.html

Replace BSUSERNAME with your browserstack automate username and SAMPLEKEY with your browserstack automate key. Using the caps option, you can specify your choice of os, browser and device versions (More information at capabilities page)