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Karma-BrowserStack Example

Sample for using karma-browserstack-launcher to run Karma tests (QUnit framework) on BrowserStack infrastructure. One test is failing on purpose as a demo of BrowserStack catching bugs in different browsers.


Node and npm

Clone this repository

git clone

Install dependencies

Navigate to appropriate directory for testing and then install the dependencies by running

npm install

BrowserStack Configuration

Export the environment variables for the username and access key of your BrowserStack account. These can be found on the automate accounts page on BrowserStack.

export BROWSERSTACK_USERNAME=<browserstack-username>

export BROWSERSTACK_KEY=<browserstack-access-key>

You can further customize configuration in karma.conf.js. For detailed reference, visit karma-browserstack-launcher github repository here.

Run the tests

Execute the following command to run the karma tests:

npm test


  • IE 6 and 7 Tests on Karma version 0.13 may fail(output - browser not captured).
  • Use Karmav0.12 or below and add transports: ['websocket','jsonp-polling'] to the karma.conf.js file
  • Checkout karma issue for more details.