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This tool is used to streamline windows driver development for WDK 7. I built this tool because the process of debugging windows drivers is horrendous - at least for me. The flow for driver debugging currently goes like this:

  1. Boot development VM
  2. Compile windows driver
  3. Manually move driver components to C:\windows\system32
  4. Reboot
  5. Repeat 1

The whole process takes at least 5 minutes each time I want to debug a device driver. No bueno.

Here's the process I hope to accomplish with this tool:

  1. Navigate to source directory for device driver on dev computer
  2. Build with wdt build
  3. Repeat 2

WDT would handle all the heavy work by booting the VM, compiling, moving the source to system32, and providing console logging for DbgPrint.


  • Boot, build, and copy target device driver
  • Console logging for DgbPrint


  • node.js
  • WDK 7
  • VMWare Fusion
  • SSH Server for Windows
  • Mac OSX